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Hoping for a LARGER tax return than last year?


The Largest & Fastest Refund Allowed by Law…Guaranteed!

No-Money-Paid Upfront- Refund Options (For Qualified Clients)

Same Day Tax Preparation Services


10 DAYS …………..>14 DAYS………………>6 WEEKS........OR MORE…. REGULAR MAIL


Pay Your Income Tax Preparation Fee from Your Federal Tax Refund

When you are ready to e-file your online tax returns, you now have the option to pay the income tax preparation fee out of your Federal tax refund.

Through our partnership with BANK REFUND ADVANTAGE, BBOSS-TAX now offers you the Refund Transfer (RT) option, which allows you to pay your income tax preparation fee with your refund, which means no out-of-pocket expense! This tax service option now allows you to simply deduct the tax preparation fee from your refund.

Here are some details about this tax service:

  • This service is available for returns with a federal tax refund only.


  • To take advantage of this service, you must electronically file your return and deposit your refund into your personal bank account.


  • The bank processing fee for this online tax returns service is ____updating.  This fee will be deducted from your refund before it is deposited into your account.

Important Note: This fee is in addition to the tax preparation fee.

Your refund must be large enough to pay for both the income tax preparation fee and the bank processing fee.

CompleteTax Online Tax Returns

Get Quick Online Tax Help and Live Technical Support with our chat Service.

  • File today & get your MAXIMUM REFUND TOMORROW
  • Refund can be directed deposit into your account.
  • Refund check can be printed at our office if you don’t have a bank account using E-filing, a bank, and using FAST REFUND!
  • File today & get your MAXIMUM REFUND TOMORROW
  • Refund can be directed deposit into your account.
  • Refund check can be printed at our office if you don’t have a bank account using E-filing, a bank, and using FAST REFUND!


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Top 10 Income Tax Questions

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Customer Support    FAQs   Search Our Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I get help while preparing my taxes?

Numerous resources to aid you in completing your taxes are included in the program. Help contain links to detailed explanations.

  • Included on the pages is the "Help Center" which includes:
    • Help on this page with specific answers for the page on which you are currently working.
    • Where Do I Enter... provides you with step by step instructions for entering your tax information.
    • Frequent Questions provides you answers to common questions.
    • Quick Navigation allows you to easily navigate to a particular section of your return.
    • The Tax Guide gives easy-to-understand explanations of virtually any tax issue you're likely to encounter. The Tax Guide also provides information about deductions and credits you may not know about to help you minimize your taxes and maximize your refunds.
    • Contact Via E-mail Our GOAL is to respond to e-mail requests within 24 hours.
    • Support by Chat - Get the answers to your questions now. Text chat with our support staff while you work on your retur
  • What is required to print my return?

          Adobe® Reader® 4.05 or greater must be installed to print or view your return.

           Click here to install.  

  • How fast can I get my income tax refund?
    If you qualify for a RAL or Refund Anticipation Loan and efile your income tax refund online using BBOSS-TAX SERViCES and Refund Advantage Bank, it's possible to get your tax refund money within 24 to 48 hours.

4.   If I don't qualify for a RAL, how fast do I get my tax refund?
             The fastest alternative to income tax loans or a RAL is to efile your income tax refund online and choose to receive your income tax     refund by direct deposit. If your efile tax return is complete and accurate and you are due a refund, you should receive your income tax refund money in about two weeks. If you choose to receive your refund check by mail, the estimated time is about four weeks.


At BBOSS TAX Services we’re dedicated to preparing your federal, state and local income tax returns to your complete satisfaction.

Our tax prepares will fwork with you during the tax interview and provide you with the attention and service you deserve.  We offer an in-depth tax interview.  We ask questions to accurately determine your tax liability, identify all the deductions and credits your’re entitled to, and work to get you the biggest refund or lowest liability possible.


Audit Assistance

            If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, contact your our office immediately and we will appear with you at the audit to explain how your tax return was prepared if needed.

Amended Returns

            If you find documentation that you think may result in your ability to claim a larger refund or lower your liability after your return was filed within three years, bring to our office.

            We’ll even review a prior-year return prepared by you or another tax preparation company and then notify you of any missed deductions or credits.  We’ll then file the amended return for you.


When you come to BBOSS TAX Services for tax preparation, you can choose the products and services that are right for you.

When you e-file your tax return, you can choose the IRS Direct option.  With this option you can choose to receive your refund directly from the IRS as a:

            -direct deposit to your bank account in approximately 7-14 days

            -check sent standard mail in 21 to 28 days

Benefits of IRS Direct

When you choose the free IRS Direct option, you can easily keep track of your IRS income tax refund status by calling the tax refund status service toll-free at 1 800-829-1954.

When you log on or call to check the status of your refund, you will receive a message that confirms the expected date of deposit of your income tax refund.  For security purposes, this service will not specify the amount of the individual deposits or the accounts to which the deposits were made.

You can use these services whether you choose to receive your refund as a direct deposit to your personal bank account, or as a check in the mail.

You must e-file your tax return to take advantage of the IRS Direct option. 


With an Assisted Refund (AR), you can have access to refund proceeds in approximately 1 to 14 days.  Tax preparation and other fees will be deducted from the proceeds, so no out-of-pocket payment is required at the time of tax preparation

When you chose the Assisted Refund, you can choose to receive the proceeds using one of the following disbursement options:

            Direct Deposit-deposited directly into your personal bank account.

            Check-bank issued check that you can pick up from the BBOSS TAX office.

            Ask your BBOSS TAX            preparer to explain all the product options available to you, so you can choose the ones that are right for you.


The Flexible Payment Option provides several payment options to those who owe money at tax time.  Your BBOSS TAX preparer can tell you which options are available to you, and then you can choose the ones that are right for you:

BBOSS TAX Service can arrange to have any additional taxes you owe transferred directly from your bank account to the IRS.

BBOSS TAX Service can request an installment plan from the IRS on your behalf to spread your payments out over time.

Payment through Credit Card: You can pay your balance due with your VISA, Master Card, American Express, or Discover Card.

BBOSS TAX Insurance Guarantee

For an additional fee, you can purchase extra, worry-free coverage.  If you purchase the BBOSS TAX Insurance Guarantee and if a taxing authority notifies you of an error on your tax return, contact our office.  When you present your BBOSS TAX Insurance Guarantee Contract, we’ll work with you to resolve the issue without charge.

What to Bring

Wondering what paperwork you need to bring to your tax interview?

Save time and money by going to your tax interview prepared with all the documents you need.     Let us help you.

Here is a list for you to reference.

  • Wage statements W-2s
  • Social Security card(s)
  • Driver’s License(s)
  • Social Security income/SSA-1099
  • IRA contibutions
  • Pension, retirement income/1099-R
  • Unemployment income/1099-G
  • Mortgage or home equity loan interest paid/1098
  • Statements on the sales of stocks or bonds/1099-B
  • Alimony paid or received
  • Record of purchase or sale of residence
  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Real estate and personal property taxes
  • Sefl-employment business income and expenses/1099-MISC
  • Canceled Debt Amount/1099-C
  • State or local taxes paid
  • Estimated taxes or foreign taxes paid
  • Cash and non-cash charitable donations
  • Commissions received/paid
  • Unreimbursed employment-related expenses
  • Job-related educational expenses
  • Educator expenses
  • Tuition and Education Fees/1098-T
  • Student loan interest/1098-E
  • Interest and dividend income/1099-INT/1099-DIV
  • Lottery or gambling winnings/losses
  • State refund amount/1099-G
  • Income and expenses from rentals
  • Casualty or theft losses
  • Child care expenses and provider information
  • Dependants’ Social Security numbers and dates of birth
  • Information concerning your Stimulus payment check
  • Last year’s Federal and State tax return



Product Pricing:

Electronic Refund Products: ERCs, ERDs, and State Products

Tax payers receiving a bank product are charged an account processing fee.  The account processing fees are listed below:

            Electronic Refund Check (ERC):

            Electronic Refund Deposit (ERD):

            State Bank Product:

RAL Products

Tax payers receiving a RAL are charged the account processing fee of ……..(PRICE BEING UPDATED!), plus a loan origination fee of 3.20% of the amount borrowed.

The RAL is available in two amounts:$1000 and $1800.  In order to receive a $1800 RAL, the taxpayer must have an anticipated federal refund of $2800 or more.  In order to receive a $1000 RAL, the tax payer must have an anticipated federal refund of $1750 or moer.  Note , however, that taxpayers without prior year direct deposit history is not on file (or if their refund amount is less than $2800), their RAL amount (if they are approved)will be for $1000.

The loan origination fee for the RAL is 3.20% of the amount borrowed.  The only fee that will be deducted from the loan proceeds is the origination fee.  All other fees will be deducted from the refund proceeds once the refund is received from the IRS or State.  As a result, taxpayers receiving the $1800 RAL will pay a loan origination fee of $57.60 and receive a loan proceeds amount of $1742.40.  Taxpayer that receive the $1000 RAL will pay a loan origination fee of $32.00 and receive a loan proceeds amount of $968.00

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